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VIST is an organization comprised of young scientists, all of whom have a deep love and appreciation for all things natural.


Together we have years of field and teaching experience, and are passionate about sharing our knowledge and appreciation of nature. We provide scientific training to those with a desire to pursue a career in natural sciences or who simply want to learn more about nature.

At VIST we believe in a hands-on approach to teaching. This is achieved by taking students into the field and teaching them skills in a variety of natural sciences, from botany to zoology ecology to entomology.


  • Our Vision We provide programs on natural history and species identification as well as teach students how to set up field experiments, conduct research and analyze the data obtained.
  • Perfect Experience VIST takes the perfect wildlife experience to new levels by incorporating the science of nature. We don't just show you what is out there, we show why it is there. We don't just show you the beauty of nature, we show you the importance. One trip with VIST will give you new appreciation for the wonders that lie hidden on earth.
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