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Field trips and Courses


We organize field trips to various locations across South Africa, from the bushveld in the north to the arid environments in the west. Each field trip is organized based on the specific needs of our clients with the focus of each trip changing to accommodate you. During the course of these trips we will give light lectures on the ecology and wildlife of the area where we are and take you out to see these wonders. During the day we will keep busy with various activities that will teach you how to identify the creatures you encounter. Custom made packages are available for schools where run additional activities such as dividing students into groups and running competitions on plant and animal identification.


South Africa is a country extremely rich in biodiversity, a gift that has been admired by many travellers. With VIST an ordinary trip to a game reserve becomes an expedition of discovery. We show you the small things that are often overlooked and explain the ecology of the large creatures. We are able to cater for groups large and small and take care of all arrangements so that the only thing you have to worry about is the next great sighting.


Members from VIST have been exploring the hiking trails of South Africa for many years and have all the experience to share. Whether you want to rough it in the Drakensberg or take a relaxed hike in Mpumalanga, we will make sure you have the full experience. These trips are organized for groups of any size and age group, with members of VIST making sure you see the hike through.


Join us for an adventure filled day where you have the opportunity to fly in a helicopter and shoot paintballs filled with anti-tick medicine at animals. All animals benefit from this and you get a behind the scenes look into game capture. During the times when you are not flying we run shooting competitions with dart guns used by veterinarians and if the opportunity presents itself, we take part in an actual game capture. The day is finished off with sun-downers in the field and a braai. Accommodation will be provided if preferred and day trips are also feasible. An ideal outing for a new field experience with your friends or as a teambuilding exercise for your company. All activities are overseen by qualified veterinarians.


This course consists of a series of four lectures specifically aimed at teaching you more about coral reefs, and about the uniqueness of our coral reef ecosystems along the east coast. During this course you will learn to identify common reef fish families and learn what supports their vast numbers. In conjunction with these lectures participants will also have the opportunity to do practical dives.