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Meet our Team

Low de Vries - Vertebrate specialist

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Low's interest in biology lead to him to do a B.Sc. degree in Zoology and continue onto a Ph. D in the field. His main focus is on mammal ecology, but due to various field trips to sites across South Africa, working on a variety of animals, he has developed a keen interest in all vertebrates. He has also been fortunate enough to do a lot of lecturing to university students and the public. At VIST he combines his passion for nature and teaching and aims to give students of all ages a greater knowledge of the vertebrate fauna of South Africa, teaching them how to identify these creatures and the importance of them in nature.

Albe Bosman - Marine specialist

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Albe is an avid scuba diver and has been a PADI professional since 2008. His love for diving and formal training as a zoologist has led to an obsession with coral reef communities. He is an experienced researcher and field assistant and is currently enrolled at the University of Pretoria where he is completing his MSc. Degree in zoology. He has worked on numerous projects specifically aimed at climate change monitoring across South Africa and southern Mozambique. Albe has shared his knowledge on the marine environment during a series of expeditions to southern Mozambique, where he played an integral role as a lecturer and dive leader. Along with being an expedition leader for the marine sites, Albe will also be involved with the co-ordination of the terrestrial expeditions at VIST.

Louwtjie P Snyman - Invertebrate specialist

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Nature has always played an integral part of Louwtjie's life. Form a young age he showed interest in plants, spiders and snakes. This interest resulted in the decision to study a BSc in Plant Science with Entomology as a secondary interest. After completion of the plant science degree, his focus changed to entomology and evolutionary biology as subjects for his post graduate studies. The lack of knowledge a misrepresentation regarding biodiversity is a worldwide issue he feels deserves much more attention. Regular talks regarding the importance of insects with students from several institutions and all ages are therefore a central theme in his life. The role he plays at VIST focuses on all aspects of terrestrial invertebrates with a special focus on insects and biodiversity.

Andrew Davies - Ecology specialist

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Andrew has had a strong interest in nature from a young age, which has led him to study a B. Sc. in environmental sciences followed by an Honors and then Master's degree in zoology and entomology respectively. He is currently enrolled at the University of Pretoria completing his PhD. This work is focused on savanna ecology and the role of termites a s bottom-up drivers in these systems. As a result of his interest and career path, he has extensive experience on ecological issues, coupled with field and teaching expertise. At VIST his main role is to take the lead with all ecological aspects of our training programs, and he is passionate about sharing his deep knowledge and appreciation of natural systems with people from all ages and walks of life.